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Single Sport Reports Available June 20, 2016

Single Sport Reports 2016 available The Sports and Fitness Industry (SFIA) in partnership with Sports Marketing Surveys USA released 95 single Sport and Fitness Participation Reports on Wednesday June 14th. These single sport reports provide an in-depth analysis and breakdown of participation demographic. The highest downloaded reports for 2015 was: Dance, Step, and other Choreographed […]

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Youth Football participation April 18, 2016

Youth Football participation Tom Farrey of ESPN wrote on April 17th 2016 an article discussing youth football participation with a focus on the growth of the game among 6-12 year old. The quote below is quoting Sports Marketing Surveys data from the Sports & Fitness Industry association report. “A total of 1.23 million youth ages […]


Tennis participation discussed at TOM April 8, 2016

Tennis Participation highlighted at TOM Following the State of the Tennis Industry Forum held in Miami in March an article was released on April 7th discussing some of the highlights. Along with quotes from Joyln de Boer, the executive director of the Tennis industry Association (TIA), Sports Marketing Surveys USA’s own Vice President was highlighted […]

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Youth participation growth in football March 17, 2016

USA Football Youth Participation The Associated Press released an article on March 14th quoting research done by Sports Marketing Surveys for USA football discussing the growth of football in America. The findings are based on 30,000 Americans age 6 and older in association with the Physical Activity Council on youth participation in sports. Participation numbers […]

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Pickleball Participation October 1, 2015

Pickleball Participation In an article by the Bristol Press they discuss the growing sport of Pickleball. In the article it is described by some participants as similar to other racquet sports and one that appeals to a “multi-generational” audience. The article continues to discuss the community in particular and how the town has changed some […]

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Yoga growth fueled by participant passion September 2, 2015

Yoga growth in unexpected location While research provided by Sports Marketing Surveys USA to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association is quoted below it shows an interesting facet of yoga. Not only that the industry is growing but participants are going from participant to teacher (or at least paying for the 200 hour teaching course). […]


Declining Youth Participation Concern August 12, 2015

Youth Participation Concern In an article posted by Sports Illustrated they quoted some data from The Sports and Fitness Industry Association done by Sports Marketing Surveys USA including some of these particular quotes. “Sports Business Daily reports, according to a study done by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, that amid concerns of an overemphasis […]


Top American swimming city named July 16, 2015

City with most swimming With research done by Sports Marketing Surveys USA for USA swimming and Speedo USA where the top ranked cities were ranked by the following criteria. The ranking index was developed through a comparison of each city’s swim-related attributes relative to the overall U.S. population. Key elements included the number of current […]


Pro Football Camps Taking a hit June 15, 2015

Football camp participation As a kid having a chance to attend football camps where instruction is taught by a professional athlete would be unheard of, let alone attending a camp by a professional athlete who brought a super bowl to your city? That would be the dream. This isn’t the case according to the Pittsburgh […]


Sports Marketing Surveys and Formula4 Media Partnership June 4, 2015

Sports Marketing Surveys and Formula4 Partnership In a press release attached below from Formula4 Media an announcement has been made that Sports Marketing Surveys USA and Formula4 will be entering into a partnership. Some quotes on what each will provide are listed below. “Formula4 Media will publish highlights of this research in its key specialty […]

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