Movement Trends

Movement Trends

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Sports are about movements, trained, honed and practiced. And yet, understanding how people move off the pitch and how to monetise that movement remains one of the most under-used tools for venues, retailers, brands, and rights holders alike. Our movement trend data can help you change that.

How it works

  • Data is tracked through GPS signals based on a representative panel of over 30 million people.
  • Data points are captured in near real-time (3 day updates)
  • The system delivers accurate foot traffic counts and dwell time – filter by time, day of week, and customer segments.
  • Aggregate and filter by states, and regions
  • Additional metrics help you track:
    • Home/work locations
    • Journey start point
    • Time of day
    • Length of stay
    • Usage of public facilities with no reservation system or ticketing
  • You can build your understanding of how promotions, holidays, seasonality, and events impact business.
  • You can integrate numbers with consumer data (demographic, psychographic, behavioral data)

Track footfall
How many people are visiting your space? Who are they? And where have they travelled from? How does this compare to previous time periods?

Measure your competitors
Find out how attendance at your spaces holds up against your competitors.

Create better targeted partnerships
Data gives you a stronger negotiating position and provable ROI (in footfall / target consumers) for you and your partners. Better partnerships ultimately means happier customers.

Plan staffing
Measure footfall at different times of the day and season, helping you plan your staffing.

Identify localized advertising opportunities
Get a list of zip codes to target to maximise your ROI on advertising

Develop marketing claims
e.g., by promoting quieter slopes / more parking access than competitor resorts, or by comparing yourself to other events (e.g., PGA Tour vs LIV).

Advocacy and lobbying benefits
by proving use of spaces by marginalized communities.

Attract investment or assess feasibility
By measuring proving market opportunity.

Integrate with your own metrics
to access additional trends and insights.

Looking for extensive insight and strategic solutions for your organisation? We can help.