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Go beyond our participation and retail trends by tackling specific questions relating to your business or brand. Custom research ensures that every approach, every panel, every question, every datapoint, every recommendation is specifically configured to your needs and your needs alone. The results are owned by your business, meaning you get clear competitive advantage.

Our team are trained experts across a range of qualitative and quantitative research disciplines. We pick the right approach that fits what you want to find out, when you need it by, and what your budget is.

Marketing and Advertising Testing

Find the right words to connect with your audience and then see what audiences make of your communications, letting you make sure you get it right before you commit to media spend.

Dealer Studies
How do your dealers think you stack up against your competition? Solve supply side issues that limit your success ,and build better relationships with dealers who are key to recommending your product to customers.

Overcoming Perceptions
Find out what draws people to your sport or product and what deters them from trying. Detailed questioning and demographic profiling helps us work out how you can reduce friction and appeal to new audiences.


These are just a few examples of types of custom research project. Ask us today to explain what you need to learn and let us show you how we can find the answers.

Looking for extensive insight and strategic solutions for your organisation? We can help.