Professional Trends

Professional Trends

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At Sports Marketing Surveys USA, we pride ourselves on being America’s source of play data from pick-up play to the professional game. At the top level of college or professional sport, events, tours and teams need to make sure that they deliver world class experiences for those who play, watch and partner with them. They need to make sure they stay on top of facilities, transport, catering, accommodation, and practice opportunities. They need to offer best in class digital experiences, social media, and on the ground experiences . They also need to make sure that they deliver world-class partner platforms that drive revenue growth.

Tours, events and teams that partner with us understand that and trust us to survey these key groups thoughtfully and sensitively.

Our approach helps show players, partners, and fans that their views are being sought, and our insights let our clients make tangible changes that improve the experience, letting them know they’ve been listened to.

  • Catering
  • Transport
  • Practice & fitness
  • Scheduling
  • Information
  • Accommodation
  • Partner spaces and activities
  • Ticketing
  • Websites, apps & social media
  • Merchandise

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