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Sports Insight Extra with SFIA President & CEO Tom Cove

In 2019, Sports Insight Extra has debuted a new podcast series, looking ahead at the future of the Sporting Industry. In this podcast, you can hear Tom Cove discuss future tariffs on the sporting industry, direct-to-consumer focus, specific sporting industry markets, international retail, The Phit Act, and so much more!

Click the link below to listen to the podcast:

We look forward to hearing more from Sports Insight Extra and their new podcast series.



The Aspen Institute releases the “Future of Football Paper”

The Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program has released a new White paper on September, 12th, 2018. This report takes the measure of recent developments in football and assesses the implications of the game moving away from tackle football as the traditional form of playing the game before high school. Recent data has shown that flag football has surpassed tackle football as the most popular form of play for children, and draws on insights shared in January 2018, as part of The Aspen Institute’s quarterly Future of Sports series when the future of football was explored with a diverse set of panelists. This report examines how adopting flag football as the standard might impact public health, youth participation, “Friday Night Lights” high school football, the wider football industry, and football values. The paper concludes that benefits will be derived by most stakeholders, including children.

To read the Future of Football Paper, you can find the report here.

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INCS own Edward Willis is featured in SportsPro providing insight and analysis on sports fans’ views of the shifting broadcast landscape.

Edward Willis, sports business and marketing manager at SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. discusses how broadcasters and rights holders are reacting to a shifting broadcast landscape and what this means for viewers.

To read more, click here.

USGA, R&A announce outside firm to lead global research project on distance

The United States Golf Foundation (USGA) and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A) has announced that Sports Marketing Surveys INC. to provide insights into  “how distance in golf has impacted them over their full golf experience, if at all, and its projected impact into the future.”

Currently, the PGA Tour is on pace to set a record for average driving distance at nearly 296 yards. That would be an increase of almost four yards over last year and almost seven yards over the last two years.

The SMS research will be conducted in multiple languages and countries. For more information regarding this project, click here.

2018 SFIA Topline Report and 2018 Single Sports Reports Released

SFIA Topline Report

The SFIA has released their 2018 topline report. This report measures participation in more than 100 activities in a national, representative survey of Americans aged 6 and older. The report also analyzes societal activity trends, such as participation by gender, generation, income and aspirational interests. To read more about the SFIA’s Single Sports Reports, click here. The Topline Report is free to SFIA members and available to the public for purchase here.

Highlights from the 2018 Report:

2018 Single Sport Reports

The 2018 Single Sports Reports from the SFIA have been released for 2018. The Single Sports Reports provide in-depth analysis and breakdowns of participation demographics. These reports take account of participation in 90+ Sports and Fitness Activities. You can find them on our site here which will direct you to the individual report you are looking for on the SFIA’s site, or purchase them from the SFIA’s website here.


SMS Affiliate – ActionWatch mentioned in the news

“The past six months has been relatively good for retail, said Patrik Schmidle, president of ActionWatch, which does market research on action-sports and core action-sports retailers.

In the first quarter of this year, sales for these retailers increased 3 percent year-over-year. However, sales started dipping in April. Inclement weather in the South and Northeast during the past six weeks also kept consumers from buying. “Hopefully we’ll see pent-up demand being fulfilled,” Schmidle said of buying in June and later this year.”

Click the article below to read more.

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Archery growth going strong in the United States

With the highly anticipated release of the third movie of “The Hunger Games: MockingJay” the NerdWallet took a look (Full article below) of how Jennifer Lawerence trained for the role. In discussing the training and preparation the sports growth was also discussed from USA Archery Membership to the sport as a whole.

“Wholesale purchases of archery equipment grew 10% in the past year, the fastest-growing category among competitive sports” -according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association with research done by Sports Marketing Surveys USA. 

Single sport reports 2016 available

The Sports and Fitness Industry (SFIA) in partnership with Sports Marketing Surveys USA released 95 single Sport and Fitness Participation Reports on Wednesday June 14th. These single sport reports provide an in-depth analysis and breakdown of participation demographic.

The highest downloaded reports for 2015 was: Dance, Step, and other Choreographed Exercise to Music; Cross-Training Style Workouts; Kettlebells and Pickleball.

These reports track participation according to: gender, frequency, age breakdown, region, income, education, and cross-sport participation.

Below are the top 10 single sport reports from last year:

Please follow the link below to the SFIA page which has the full list of available reports.

Youth football participation

Tom Farrey of ESPN wrote on April 17th 2016 an article discussing youth football participation with a focus on the growth of the game among 6-12 year old. The quote below is quoting Sports Marketing Surveys data from the Sports & Fitness Industry association report.

“A total of 1.23 million youth ages 6-12 played tackle football in 2015, up from 1.216 million the year before, according to data from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, which commissions an annual survey of participation rates in United States households across a range of sports.

Participation in flag football within that age group saw a slightly larger jump, from 1.086 million to 1.142 million.”

The Article includes a quote from SFIA CEO Tom Cove “One year does not make a trend, but it’s a good sign,” “If you look at the last four years, the numbers have been relatively stable, particularly in the [core], which is the most objective measure of parents making decisions about their children playing the sport in a serious way.”

The article defines core participants and other details below.

The most engaged children are “core participants,” which SFIA defines as anyone who plays football 26 or more times during the year. These are the children typically involved in organized tackle leagues, in which there were an estimated 991,000 youth involved last year, up 3.3 percent from 2014 and not far from the pre-recession levels of 1 million-plus.

For the remainder of the article follow the link below

Tennis participation discussed at Tom

Following the State of the Tennis Industry Forum held in Miami in March an article was released on April 7th discussing some of the highlights. Along with quotes from Joyln de Boer, the executive director of the Tennis industry Association (TIA), Sports Marketing Surveys USA’s own Vice President was highlighted discussing participation in the sport.

Keith’s quote (below) discusses not only the growth of the sport as a whole but discusses the growth among “Core” players who are considered are considered the life blood of the industry.

“The total number of tennis players in the U.S. is 17.96 million, which is a .3% increase from 2014, noted Keith Storey, vice president of Sports Marketing Surveys USA. “Core” tennis players—those who play 10 or more times a year—increased .5% to 9.96 million.”

Keith’s comment was followed by Joyln discussing the growth of the sport in correlation to the economic situation in the united states.

“While these slight increases are positive signs in this economic climate, we look to develop ‘future thinking’ initiatives to attract and retain more adults and youth into tennis, along with efforts to improve our tennis marketplace,”

There was also discussion about the new USTA National Campus, which is expect to open in Lake Nona in the outskirts of Orlando, Florida. This new facility will have more than 100 courts and will be considered “a learning lab for anyone who delivers tennis” by United States Tennis Association Chief Executive, Community Tennis and USTA National Campus Kurt Kamperman.

For the remainder of the article please follow the link below.

If you have any questions regarding tennis participation numbers feel free to reach out to Sports Marketing Surveys USA.