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Tennis participation discussed at Tom

Following the State of the Tennis Industry Forum held in Miami in March an article was released on April 7th discussing some of the highlights. Along with quotes from Joyln de Boer, the executive director of the Tennis industry Association (TIA), Sports Marketing Surveys USA’s own Vice President was highlighted discussing participation in the sport.

Keith’s quote (below) discusses not only the growth of the sport as a whole but discusses the growth among “Core” players who are considered are considered the life blood of the industry.

“The total number of tennis players in the U.S. is 17.96 million, which is a .3% increase from 2014, noted Keith Storey, vice president of Sports Marketing Surveys USA. “Core” tennis players—those who play 10 or more times a year—increased .5% to 9.96 million.”

Keith’s comment was followed by Joyln discussing the growth of the sport in correlation to the economic situation in the united states.

“While these slight increases are positive signs in this economic climate, we look to develop ‘future thinking’ initiatives to attract and retain more adults and youth into tennis, along with efforts to improve our tennis marketplace,”

There was also discussion about the new USTA National Campus, which is expect to open in Lake Nona in the outskirts of Orlando, Florida. This new facility will have more than 100 courts and will be considered “a learning lab for anyone who delivers tennis” by United States Tennis Association Chief Executive, Community Tennis and USTA National Campus Kurt Kamperman.

For the remainder of the article please follow the link below.

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Tennis Industry Association (TIA)

Sports Marketing Surveys at TIA Tennis Show in NY

Sports Marketing Surveys presenting at Tennis industry association event
In the lead up to the US Open tennis event in New York, the Tennis Industry Association and USTA hosted a one-day celebration of tennis that featured an Exhibitor Show, the TIA Tennis Forum, Tennis Industry Hall of Fame induction of Nick Bollettieri, demo court, and more.

Sports Marketing Surveys had a booth at the Exhibition for a number of reasons:

Click on the following link to catch an interview with Keith Storey, VP by InTennis during the us open.
TIA Tennis Show

Tennis players unfazed by the jittery economic projection

March capped off a promising 1st quarter in the tennis specialty market, posting increasing racquet unit/dollar numbers rarely seen in 2011. With units up 15% and dollars up 12% in March, players showed the jittery economy was not holding them back from updating their equipment.  The strong March numbers led to a Q1 unit increase of 14% and dollar increase of 12%, compared to Q1 in 2011.

The TIA(Tennis Industry Association) Specialty Store Retail Audit details unit and dollar share of racquet sales at pro/specialty stores of the leading racquet brands and analyzes the market by price point, racquet type and size.

The audit is produced on a monthly basis by the TIA’s research partner, Sports Marketing Surveys USA, and the data is available to TIA member manufacturer’s via an sharepoint online dashboards.

For more details contact:
Keith Storey
Sports Marketing Surveys
+1 561 427 0647, +1 772 341 6711

Jolyn de Boer
Tennis Industry Association
+1 843 686 3036

Physical Activity Council Survey results released by SMS USA

Newest Physical Activity Council results available
This year’s physical activity council report is full of critical details about sports, fitness and recreational activity participation.  There are 68.2 million and growing inactive people in this country.  The report allows you to see who they are. With this report it allows for the reader to see ways to get these inactive people to a healthier lifestyle.

SGMA Research division of SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA is also preparing to release the annual SGMA Sports and Fitness Topline Participation report.

The Physical Activity Council is made up of the following industry leading organizations: