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Robert has been with Sports Marketing Surveys USA since it’s inception in 1999, having joined its predecessor, Sports Research, in 1996. Previous stints in the sports division at The NPD Group and with Sports Marketing and Retail Technology add up to over 25 years of experience producing high-quality primary market research products. This includes extensive work with retail audits, manufacturer shipments’ censuses, qualitative dealer surveys, consumer participation surveys, manufacturer distribution studies, consumer purchase panels, and consumer program evaluation surveys.

Robert received his mathematics training at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, graduating in 1984. When not studying the tennis, running and winter sports markets, he enjoys practicing yoga, camping and hiking in the CT hills, working out, and running the beaches and rock jetties of New Haven, CT.


Who is your ultimate sporting hero?

David Ortiz (Big Papi)

What is your favorite sporting theme tune?

Centerfield (John Fogerty)

Which sports event or venue would you most like to visit?


Which (sport) team do you support?

New England Patriots (NFL)

What’s your favorite sporting event to watch?

Super Bowl (with my Dad)

What are your sporting goals?

To be able to walk on my hands