We are the leading provider of industry insight into sports, fitness and leisure participation. We conduct the largest survey of sports participation in the USA for the Physical Activity Council. This report tracks participation in 120+ sports, fitness and leisure activities and is considered the definitive source of activity and inactivity. SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA is the “go to” organization for all aspects of participation in the USA.

As well as understanding the barriers to sports participation, there is also the need to understand the drivers to sports participation – and why people play the sport. The reasons may be more to do with lifestyle choices or with family choices; with being in the open-air or getting out-of-the-home; than to factors such as wanting to take part in a competitive activity, in playing sport to win, or playing sport to keep fit. Understanding whether the drivers come from rec sports, from schools, or from the home is all part of providing insight into sports participation.

Grassroots Tracking

In addition to our annual participation study, we have carried out many custom studies in grassroots tracking. This enables National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to monitor the effectiveness of their grassroots programs. We interview participants immediately after the program then after 6 months, 12 months. These follow up interviews are vital to establish the retention rates of these new participants. Are they still playing? If not, why not? What did they enjoy about the program? What didn’t they enjoy?

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