How does it work?

Retailers confidentially submit their stores monthly point of sale data to Sports Marketing Surveys USA. We aggregate the data to produce insights into the running industry.

In return, retailers receive custom insights for their own business.


It’s easy to get started – we take data in a variety of formats – click here!

What panelists receive: Custom Reports

To view a brief summary of the reports that retailers receive with participation, click here.

  1. Confidential Monthly Price Check Report – This is a customized report of your monthly and year-to-date sales by model and brand compared to national averages.
  2. A custom Quarterly Retail Summary showing brand and model sales across the panel.
  3. Annual Participation Trend Reports from the Participation Activity Council (PAC) Yearly Participation Reports.
  4. Reports from The Dealer Trend Summary from our Biannual Running Dealer Survey.
  5. Personalized Geolocation Analysis by zip code for your store and the surrounding areas.
  6. Your store vs the market reports.

What panelists provide: Data

To be a member, all we ask is that you anonymously provide monthly POS data. Depending on your POS system, you may automatically or manually submit data. Either way, we try to make it as simple as possible to provide data.

The format below is the optimum format for our matching software.  

If you are interested in joining the Running panel, please fill out the agreement here!

For more information regarding our panel please contact Colman Gogan at