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I grew up in Palm Beach Gardens playing many different sports. Anything from basketball, golf, hockey, soccer, and baseball, my brothers and I played pretty much every competitive team sport at the recreational level. My dad enjoyed hockey and would send us to Canada during some summers for camp in St. Andrews, and Prince Edward Island. When I got to high school, my school did not have a competitive hockey team so I played some club ice hockey for the local ice rink and also played in different Ice Hockey tournaments around the state. I also played high school Football for Cardinal Newman High School, in West Palm Beach, Florida. When I got to college, I wanted to remain active and played club Ice Hockey for the University of Mississippi. Currently, I have remained involved in youth sports by coaching and referring for youth organizations in Palm Beach County, playing in Men’s Ice Hockey League in West Palm, a weekly Basketball game that I play in with my friends from high school, and the occasional round of golf.


Who is your ultimate sporting hero?

My parents, Bill and Katie Gogan for waking up early, dedicating so much of their time, and making so many other sacrifices that they for my brothers and I to participate in sports over the years.

What is your favorite sporting theme tune?

The Hotty Toddy Chant

Which sports event or venue would you most like to visit?

The Masters, Augusta seems majestic on television.

Which (sport) team do you support?

The University of Mississippi Athletic Programs, The Miami Dolphins, The Miami Heat, and Miami Marlins

What’s your favorite sporting event to watch?

I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite sporting event in specific to watch because I end up watching pretty much any sporting event on television, but my favorite sporting event to attend was Ole Miss vs Alabama in football yearly, and when Ole Miss played Florida State at the beginning of the 2015 seasons, because those were the Universities that my brothers attended.

What are your sporting goals?

To help encourage young athletes to participate and get active and involved. Team sports help to develop much-needed skills in the business world and can help the youth remain active.