SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA specializes in industry insight and analysis in the specialty retail categories including running, tennis, soccer, ski, hockey, lacrosse and team dealers. This includes quantitative analysis such as point of sale data and more qualitative research such as our unique dealer studies. Specialty markets are the key to the alpha consumer in their respective sports.

Sports Marketing Surveys USA currently analyzes point of sale data from three specialty channels: running, tennis and surf/skate. The surf/skate point of sale dashboard operates under the ActionWatch banner.

Brick-and-Mortar,  online retailers submit their monthly point of sale data and receive aggregated dashboards with national average sales price, model sales, brand distribution, and a number of other categories. Any point of sale data can be analyzed and turned into an interactive web dashboard with Sports Marketing Surveys.

For a demo of some of our dashboards and how we can help develop some dashboards for your company please contact: to schedule a demonstration.