Topline Participation Activity Council Reports

Posted on April 4, 2016

Client:   Sports and Fitness Industry Association 

Objective:   Analyze Trends in Participation Research for 120+ Sports, Fitness, and Leisure Activities 

The Nation’s Definitive Source for Sports, Fitness and Recreational Activity Participation. Each year, 8 of the leading trade associations in sports, fitness, and recreation join forces and combine resources to conduct the single largest study detailing the Sports, Fitness and Recreational Habits of all Americans. In addition, the PAC study gets into a wide variety of related data when it comes to physical activity from demographics, participation in physical education at school and venue of play. The study also looks at participation over the generations as well as first-time participation and frequency of play or participation. If you are looking for any data related to sports and recreational participation in America, this is the definitive go-to source.

This annual report is produced by a partnership of eight of the major governing bodies and trade associations in the U.S. sports and leisure industry (NGF, SIA, OIA & OF, TIA & USTA, IHRSA, USA Football and SFIA). Each partner produces more detailed reports on its specific areas of interest. This overview report summarizes ‘topline’ data to establish levels of activity and identify key trends in sports, fitness and recreation participation in the USA.


The annual Participation Report measures overall levels of activity and identifies trends in more than 100 specific sports, fitness, and recreation activities. The report also examines spending habits, the effect of physical education, and participation interests among non-participants. The research was conducted by Sports Marketing Surveys USA, and the findings are based on an annual online survey of 30,999 Americans age six and older. The full version of the 2018 Participation Report can be found at

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