2018 SFIA Topline Report and 2018 Single Sports Reports Released

Posted on August 20, 2018

SFIA Topline Report

The SFIA has released their 2018 topline report. This report measures participation in more than 100 activities in a national, representative survey of Americans aged 6 and older. The report also analyzes societal activity trends, such as participation by gender, generation, income and aspirational interests. To read more about the SFIA’s Single Sports Reports, click here. The Topline Report is free to SFIA members and available to the public for purchase here.

Highlights from the 2018 Report:

2018 Single Sport Reports

The 2018 Single Sports Reports from the SFIA have been released for 2018. The Single Sports Reports provide in-depth analysis and breakdowns of participation demographics. These reports take account of participation in 90+ Sports and Fitness Activities. You can find them on our site here which will direct you to the individual report you are looking for on the SFIA’s site, or purchase them from the SFIA’s website here.


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