Sports and Fitness Confidence Index -The Pulse November 8, 2012

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Sports and fitness Confidence index


Overview of The Industry Pulse – The Industry’s Confidence Index

America’s sporting goods and fitness consumers speak out each quarter to provide key industry indicators for participation and purchase intentions.  This new quarterly report is the best way to keep up with industry activity for the consumer’s perspective.  The heart of each edition of this report is from the results of SFIA’s newly featured Sports and Fitness Confidence Index along with a survey of key industry executives.

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Q3 Pulse Report

Additional Information on The Industry Pulse
Each edition of the SFIA’s quarterly is designed to take the pulse of the sporting goods consumer as well as provide feedback from key industry executives.  The report starts with the overall Sports and Fitness Confidence Index and then goes into those data points that makes up this report.

It starts with participation and then adds in current and future purchase plans and intentions.  We then combine that with key industry data to create an overall index.  This report helps you keep your finger on the pulse of our Industry.

For more information or questions about how to use the report. Please email or call the office at 561-427-0647

Sports participation

We are the leading provider of industry insight into sports, fitness and leisure participation. We conduct the largest survey of sports participation in the USA for the Physical Activity Council. This report tracks participation in 119 sports, fitness and leisure activities and is considered the definitive source of sports participation insight. SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA is the “go to” organization for all aspects of participation in the USA.

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Sports and Fitness Industry Association


SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA is the official research partner of the SFIA (formerly SGMA). Please visit the research page of their website to see the participation and industry reports:


SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA specializes in industry insight and analysis in the specialty retail categories including running, tennis, soccer, ski, hockey, lacrosse and team dealers. This includes quantitative analysis such as POS data and more qualitative research such as our unique dealer studies. Specialty markets are the key to the alpha consumer in their respective sports.

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