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The consumer of a sports equipment business will define the final performance of that business. SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA has invested considerable time in developing programs across sports & markets to deliver insight into the behavior of the end-consumer.

Offerings include syndicated research on specific sports – whether golf, skiing, soccer, tennis, or the outdoor market – or bespoke research to meet individual client needs across any sports market.

Consumer studies are the final brick in the marketing infrastructure of market size, retailer performance and consumer behavior.

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA will provide insight into:

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA has expertise in understanding the sports participant. This includes experience in undertaking research in:

The objective for many sports goods manufacturers is to ensure that their customers are brand loyalists and actively recommend your sports products to their friends and sports participants – understanding your consumer is key to achieving this.

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SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA specializes in industry insight and analysis in the specialty retail categories including running, tennis, soccer, ski, hockey, lacrosse and team dealers. This includes quantitative analysis such as POS data and more qualitative research such as our unique dealer studies. Specialty markets are the key to the alpha consumer in their respective sports.

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Sports participation

We are the leading provider of industry insight into sports, fitness and leisure participation. We conduct the largest survey of sports participation in the USA for the Physical Activity Council. This report tracks participation in 119 sports, fitness and leisure activities and is considered the definitive source of sports participation insight. SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA is the “go to” organization for all aspects of participation in the USA.

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