Geo Marketing tool unveiled by SMS USA at NASC Conference March 20, 2012

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Geo Marketing tool

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA is set to debut a new geo-targetting proprietary technology at this year’s NASC Conference in Hartford, CT. This tool brings localized sports and activity participation data to event planners, CVBs and Sports Commissions.

This is the first time that anyone has been able to bring this sort of data onto the local level.  Better data means better projectionsWith this more accurate data NASC conference attendees while also be shown how ways to use the data once they download it.

The data will be searchable in a geo-targeting format in a zip code or mapping an area. The site will allow for a free trial of up to 10 units so you can see the localized value.


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Sports and Fitness Industry Association


SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA is the official research partner of the SFIA (formerly SGMA). Please visit the research page of their website to see the participation and industry reports:

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We provide a comprehensive service across the sporting goods category including research into equipment used, market sizing, brand performance, market share and purchase channel analysis.  With established models to evaluate marketing & promotional communications or new product development, we undertake research among the sports consumer.

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SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA has developed one of the most innovative applications of sports participation data. Users are now able to identify sports participation activity and behavior at a local level. This is a significant imporvement over the usage of national particiaption rates that was used in the past.

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