Sports Marketing Surveys and Formula4 Media Partnership June 4, 2015


Sports Marketing Surveys and Formula4 Partnership

In a press release attached below from Formula4 Media an announcement has been made that Sports Marketing Surveys USA and Formula4 will be entering into a partnership. Some quotes on what each will provide are listed below.

“Formula4 Media will publish highlights of this research in its key specialty retail publications including Running Insight, Sports Insight, Team Insight, Footwear Insight and Outdoor Insight on an exclusive basis. Starting in July 2015, the research will include quantitative analysis such as POS data and more qualitative research such as the company’s special quarterly surveys which capture dealers’ attitudes about the business environment and brand momentum.  F4M and SMS also plan to collaborate and develop several new research studies that will provide insight into the buying behavior of American runners.” and “Sports Marketing Surveys USA will also present a major analysis of the run specialty market at F4M’s The Running Event conference and trade show, Dec. 1 – 4, 2015, in Austin, Tex.”

Jeff Nott Ceo of F4M said “Sports Marketing Surveys is a gem of a company with great information, resources and people and we look forward to working with their team to provide our audience with market insight and the tools they can’t find elsewhere – tools they need to better run their businesses,”

While Keith Storey, VP of Sports Market Surveys USA added, “Formula4 Media is the clear leader in the sports retail category and its publications and events provide retailers with market insight and a sense of where the business is headed.”

The remainder of the article is available below.

Sports participation

We are the leading provider of industry insight into sports, fitness and leisure participation. We conduct the largest survey of sports participation in the USA for the Physical Activity Council. This report tracks participation in 119 sports, fitness and leisure activities and is considered the definitive source of sports participation insight. SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA is the “go to” organization for all aspects of participation in the USA.

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SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA has developed one of the most innovative applications of sports participation data. Users are now able to identify sports participation activity and behavior at a local level. This is a significant imporvement over the usage of national particiaption rates that was used in the past.

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