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Headquartered in the UK

Sports Marketing Surveys Inc.To find out more about Sports Marketing Surveys Inc., and our international network and operations in the UK please visit  – – or contact John Bushell on (+44 1932 345539)

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. is an experienced and focused sports research business servicing the sports facility, equipment & sports’ goods industry. We deliver SMART data driven advice and guidance enabling informed business decisions.

We provide SMART data, analysis and insight for leading sports equipment manufacturers, international and national sports federations, major sports events, speciality retailers, national and local sports venue operators.

Whether it is understanding who plays sport; why they play sport; or how sport and sports events impact on their lifestyles; we provide insight and SMART data to all those interested in participation rates, equipment and facility usage, sports brand images, retailer & end-consumer satisfaction, event attendance, venue operating costs and associated areas.

Sports and Fitness Industry Association


SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA is the official research partner of the SFIA (formerly SGMA). Please visit the research page of their website to see the participation and industry reports:


SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA has developed one of the most innovative applications of sports participation data. Users are now able to identify sports participation activity and behavior at a local level. This is a significant imporvement over the usage of national particiaption rates that was used in the past.

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SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA specializes in industry insight and analysis in the specialty retail categories including running, tennis, soccer, ski, hockey, lacrosse and team dealers. This includes quantitative analysis such as POS data and more qualitative research such as our unique dealer studies. Specialty markets are the key to the alpha consumer in their respective sports.

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